Custom snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking tours in the Philippines.

Our custom tours provide snorkelers, kayakers, birders, and photographers with a tremendous amount of opportunities to delve into their passions. We design the tour to your preferences and then deliver! Our expertise, attention to detail, and unencumbered itineraries will ensure that your experience with us in this natural paradise will be richly rewarding and memorable.

Mission Statement: To provide you with a unique, exciting, educational, and safe, snorkeling, kayaking, or hiking experience in one of the most beautiful archipelagos on the planet.

What sets us apart?: Our expeditions often integrate kayaking, snorkeling, beach-combing, hiking, and sight-seeing into an interpretive, interactive, exciting and comfortable tour that exposes you to the best of the marine and terrestrial life in the Philippines.

Our own passion for exploration has led us to develop many exciting and exclusive itineraries that are off-the-beaten-path or unique approaches to popular areas that Ö and he hasnít stopped there! He continues to explore this pristine and relatively un-discovered area and invites you to join along!!

Lee Goldman has over 15 years of experience as a marine biologist and professional guide in tropical and temperate locations, and has earned a BSc and Masters Degrees in Marine Biology. His diverse knowledge of the marine habitats, coral, fishes, birds, and environs around the archipelago is un-matched and he has found several exclusive snorkeling sites that are visited only on his tours. With a passion for coral and rare or unusual fish and an understanding of their habitats, he has introduced snorkelers and naturalists to several marine creatures and coral that were once thought to be reserved for divers!

When designing our custom programs, we strive to ensure the following:

  • A unique program designed to expose clients to the beauty, hospitality, and nature of the Philippines as well as focus on specific interests, activities, destinations and goals.
  • Destinations and activities offering the most of what is requested, with the least exposure to areas affected by mass tourism.
  • Special care to make sure destinations are linked into a smooth-flowing itinerary that reduces the travel time and avoids going over the same paths back and forth.
  • An ALL INCLUSIVE program. There are several pieces to any program itinerary that require coordination with transfers, flights, and overnight stays and we take care of all of that. No headaches or worrying. You are covered for all internal travel, activities, resort/hotel stays, activities, and environmental fees from the moment you begin the tour to the moment the tour is completed.

Please contact us and let us design a unique, exciting, and memorable snorkeling, kayaking, or hiking tour program!

If you are interested in small group tour programs we have designed and continue to lead tours throughout the Indo-pacific for several adventure travel companies. Please see our Tour Programs page.

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